What happens if you crash a motorcycle?

More and more people are choosing motorcycles as a way to travel. While riding a motorcycle can give you an adrenaline rush, these types of vehicles tend to be unsafe for motorcyclists. They are less visible and less stable than a car. As a consequence, motorcyclists suffer extensive injuries that imply a painful recovery.

AN motorcycle accident lawyer knows that being hit by a four-wheeler can create a problematic legal situation. Motorcyclists do not have the necessary protection in case of an accident. They may suffer significant property damage and extensive injuries, and you may be responsible for their compensation.

If you collide with a motorcycle, you must contact the authorities immediately. The driver may need urgent medical attention. Leaving an accident victim in care is a criminal offense punishable by law with a fine and imprisonment. The following points will help you understand the legal implications of hitting a motorcycle.

Common motorcycle injuries

Motorcycles don’t offer the same protection that a car does. In the event of a collision with a car, the motorcyclist may suffer extensive injuries that require emergency care. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the most common injuries affect the lower extremities. While head trauma and chest injuries tend to be more serious, most motorcyclists suffer bone fractures in their legs.

If you run over a motorcyclist, he can sue you for damages. You may need to cover treatment for traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal injuries, whiplash, broken ribs, internal bleeding or organ damage. These are just a few possible injuries that often occur during motorcycle accidents. You need solid legal representation to help you minimize your liability for damages.

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Insurance Policy and Possible Lawsuits

As a no-fault state in Florida, all vehicle drivers must have personal injury protection coverage and seek compensation through their insurance company. An insurance company will cover medical expenses and lost wages to some extent. Despite this coverage, insurers limit the amount you can receive as compensation.

Suppose the rider wants compensation for pain and suffering or additional medical costs. In that case, they may choose to file a lawsuit against you. To protect yourself, you need to hire a qualified attorney to guide you through this process. You must not provide any recorded or written statement admitting liability.

Hire a lawyer to represent your case

If you are responsible for hitting a motorcyclist, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You may receive calls from the other party’s insurance company trying to get incriminating statements. If you receive such calls, please provide them with your attorney’s contact information and make no statements.

Having a lawyer handle all communications with insurers and other parties will ensure that they cannot use your words against you. An experienced attorney will investigate the circumstances of the accident to ensure that no other conditions contributed to the accident. For example, the motorcyclist may have driven recklessly.

Road hazards and weather conditions may be key factors in your case. Poor visibility or poorly maintained roads can lead to unfortunate accidents. On the other hand, your car may have suffered an unforeseen mechanical failure that led to the accident. Seeking legal advice from an attorney will help you get through this challenging situation.

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