Planning to buy a used car? How about Audi?

The journey of the German luxury car company Audi dates back to 1909. The brand is named after its founder, August Horch. Horch means to hear, and Audi is the Latin word for it. If you check its history, the Horch 8 was probably the first car released by Audi in 1910. In 1932, Audi and three other German automakers built Auto Union and revamped the logo to the current design – the four interlocking rings. Audi started its car production again after the Second World War. In 1965, it was acquired by Volkswagen. However, Audi is a global premium car brand known for its high quality and innovative design.

A car with such a rich history, striking looks and exceptional performance can be hard to ignore. Anyone can get ambitious about it. But new cars may still be out of reach for many people. If you can’t buy the latest models, don’t regret it. You can get one for a much lower rate today if you visit a reputable website. calgary used car dealership🇧🇷 They can offer an excellent variety at very reasonable prices. For example, if the price of the new Audi RS 5 car is around $93,400 MSRP and above, you can expect the similar used model to cost almost half as much. So are you in the game? Let’s see which models of this brand make a good buy.

Audi A3

The compact executive car has been around since 1996. The first two generations of the A3 belong to Volkswagen Group A technology, which also includes Audi TT, Volkswagen Caddy, Škoda Octavia, Volkswagen Golf, etc. MQB Platform. Some dealers may have the base model, ie the 2011 model, in stock. This hatchback model comes with top notch features and aesthetics. Because it used the same technology as the Volkswagen Golf, you can expect this model to have petrol engines and provide decent mileage. From navigation systems to heated seats and traction control, you can find a mix of must-haves and essentials in this variant.

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Audi A4

The Audi A4 luxury car has been on the market for nearly three decades🇧🇷 Elegant appearance, powerful engine and cozy interior define this series. The A4 has always been among the best cars in its league and its popularity shows no signs of waning. If you’re looking for a luxury car on the market, the Audi A4 might be on your radar. Since new vehicles can be expensive, you can explore a used car dealer who offers the sedan variation.

Some sites may have 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014 models; check all of them according to budget. The latest collection will cost more. If you want to enjoy the updated features and feel, it’s better to focus on the actuality. However, if you want to own a prestige brand like Audi but have money issues, older versions may still be acceptable.

Audi A7

The Audi A7 models are nothing short of a work of art. One can immediately notice its elegant and sophisticated design, which is rare on the road today. Under the hood, the model has its powerful engine, and standard all-wheel drive makes it ready for all road conditions. The spacious cabin offers a vision of technology and luxury. From the LED headlights to the excellent sound system, an A7 variation is like a masterpiece. This model contains many interesting security features, even though it is a 2017 brand. Anyway, it could be a good deal.

Audi RS 5

This particular version offers notable upgrades and cutting-edge features to make anyone’s driving experience enjoyable. From horsepower to torque, the engine can have many things to add to its smooth ride. You can expect it to have an automatic transmission, beefy exhaust system and suspension. It can be a well-rounded car that you might like for its exhilarating performance, efficient handling and luxurious interiors.

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Why Audi?

No matter how old the car model is, you can trust German engineering to perform well no matter what. It is a perfect combination of luxury, beauty and high performance. Some of the most recommended models in used cars can be A3, A4, A7 and others. You can check what you need and why. However, don’t ignore maintenance requirements. Even if a model is affordable, you can be trapped by maintenance costs. While you don’t have to worry about these things if you buy one from a well-known dealership, make sure you don’t forget or ignore this part.

Owning a car can be a source of pride for some, a necessity for others, and fun for others. No matter what happens, you can’t burn your money on anything that offers no return or is of no use. So buy the best, even if it’s just to show off a little.

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