Options to consider when the transmission blows in your vehicle

Your vehicle’s drivetrain is a crucial component that assists the vehicle in shifting gears so that it can achieve optimal performance. Typically, there are two types of vehicle transmission; manual transmission and automatic transmission. Transmissions can malfunction due to many reasons and often require repair or replacement to correct the transmission problem.

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Transmissions don’t break overnight – they slowly degrade mile after mile. Have you noticed any strange noises, a burning smell under the hood or fluid leaking? A puddle of bright red liquid under your car can be an indication of many transmission problems. Don’t worry, we’re here to walk you through some of the options to consider when streaming breaks.

Transmission Repair

It is important to have a professional mechanic diagnose your problem to determine what needs repair. Visit a transmission repair shop as soon as you see signs of transmission problems.

Fixing or rebuilding a transmission means that your existing transmission will be completely disassembled and inspected. Parts such as clutch plates and bands, seals, gaskets and solenoids are cleaned and replaced if necessary, after which they are all assembled and reinstalled.

The nice thing about rebuilding is that you can totally replace your older transmission with the latest updated parts. This may take some time, but in the long run rebuilding a transmission can be a great solution and can save you a lot of money compared to buying a new car or a whole new transmission.

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burnt transmission

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Replacing the Transmission

While replacing your transmission can be incredibly complex and time-consuming, it is quite possible. This basically means you buy and install a new, used, or remanufactured transmission.

In terms of reliability and performance, it is best to consider a new transmission to be installed by an experienced and properly trained service provider.

However, for an affordable option, you may want to consider a used or remanufactured transmission (also known as a refurbished transmission) from a trusted supplier that can guarantee its quality.

Warranty coverage on a reman transmission is an important factor to consider when making your purchase. Make sure the vendor backs the transmission with a solid warranty.

change the car

Can you trade in a car with a bad transmission? The answer is yes, as long as it is not insurance cancellation🇧🇷 Selling a troubled car privately has its own challenges, but for most dealers, you can trade in your car for cash. Obviously, the appearance of your car makes a big difference in your business valuation, but it’s worth more than just sitting in your driveway.

Dealers who accept trade-ins have mechanics on site who can assess your vehicle’s condition and determine its value. Before deciding what you want to do with your vehicle, it’s best to first assess what it’s really worth. The year of manufacture, make and model of your vehicle are extremely important in determining its value.

replace your car

Fixing a vehicle is usually less expensive compared to buying a new one. But when it comes to serious cases like a burned out transmission, sometimes it’s better to replace it than deal with multiple repairs that can be quite expensive cumulatively. Sometimes the difference between the cost of repair and the cost of replacing the car can be very small, especially in the long run.

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scrap the car

The older your car is, the harder it is to find replacement parts for it. As you can imagine, this will increase your mechanic’s fees as it will take longer to look for parts. Since the cost of repair or replacement in this case is likely to be greater than the vehicle’s value, it is usually not worth repairing the car unless it has significant sentimental value.

You can call one old car company money to come and pick up your vehicle (usually for free) and give you cash in return. Most older vehicles are worth between $200 and $1,000 when you go this route.

Now that you know the options available to you, you’re probably wondering whether to fix your car or find a replacement. There is no right answer as it all depends on the state and condition of your car and of course your personal preferences.

That said, if your car is newer or in excellent condition and is still worth a significant amount of money, it probably makes sense to replace your transmission, whether automatic or manual, and get it back on the road. You can keep driving, sell or trade it. Otherwise, the value of a car that will not function optimally is very low. Sometimes, scrapping your car is the best option and can help you get some cash quickly for your vehicle.

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