Car accident on a trip? Here is what you must do

Road trips are a great way to see more of the country with family or friends. They give you the chance to stop in remote places and discover more on the way to your destination.

But what if you have an accident while traveling? According car accident attorneys at Henningsen Injury Attorneys, PC, there are several steps you must take after a car collision. Whether you are in Georgia or have traveled elsewhere, what you need to do after an accident is the same as what you would do if you were at home.

Call the police

In most states, you will need to call local law enforcement after an accident that causes costly damage, serious injury, or death. They will file a police report and write down important information that will be key to making your claims. If someone is seriously injured, they will have the paramedics called as well.

Get contact information

After calling the police, you want to get the contact and insurance information for everyone involved in the accident. Most people will cooperate, but for those who are uncooperative, you can take a picture of the license plate or get it from the police report. If someone witnessed the accident, you’ll also want to get their information.

document the scene

Use your phone to get photos and videos of the accident scene. Take pictures of your car, focusing on damage and capturing the surrounding area. You should also take pictures of the other vehicles involved or if there was any debris on the road that caused the accident.

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get medical treatment

Your wounds may not be open and oozing blood, but regardless, you should let the paramedics examine you. You might feel fine, but things like traumatic brain injuries or internal bleeding have symptoms that do not present themselves immediately. If you have one of these injuries, not seeing a doctor is dangerous. Also, it could work against you on your claim, meaning you might not recoup the money spent on all medical bills for your care.

Contact your insurance carrier

Even for a minor accident, you need to notify your insurance company. This is important even if you are not at fault. Most policies have clauses that stipulate that you must contact them in the event of an accident, regardless of who was at fault within a certain period of time.

Don’t give in to rewards

A seemingly minor accident can be tempting to ignore, especially if the other driver offers you a bunch of cash on the spot. However, it probably won’t cover the cost of damage to your vehicle. Also, if you get hurt, it certainly won’t cover your medical bills. The same applies to settlements where you must find out what your future medical outlook will be like before deciding whether the offered settlement is sufficient to cover all your damages.

Find a lawyer who deals with car accidents

If your trip has taken you to the state of Georgia, you should consider a lawyer here who knows the rules of the road. One thing you might find different from your home state is that the comparative negligence laws it can be different.

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In Georgia, if you are found to have contributed more than 50% of the damages in an accident, you will not receive anything for your injuries. It must be discovered that the other party bears most of the blame. If you bear any fault in the accident up to 49%, you will be compensated based on your fault percentage.

Another thing that will be different for someone who is out of state and visiting or driving through Georgia is that traffic laws can vary. Traffic laws are different in each state. Some may have similar laws, but the nuances between states can be confusing.

Regardless of where the accident happened on your trip, it’s wise to work with a car accident lawyer who can help you recover your losses. Most people only think about repairs to their vehicle or immediate medical bills. Few consider the long-term costs associated with accidents caused by someone else’s negligence, something a lawyer can help you estimate to get a fair and unbiased outcome.

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