Boat Accident Attorney in Sacramento California – How To Find The Right Attorney For Your Case

A seasoned boat accident attorney can assist you to learn about the law concerning boating accidents, and decide whether you’ve got action.

In a beautiful state like Sacramento California with its numerous islands, lakes, and shores, boating incidents are inevitable. The majority of incidents involving boats involve watercraft owned by individuals. In rare instances, accidents happen on commercial vessels like ferry boats or cruise ships.

Wilshire Law Firm is the top boat accident law firm in Los Angeles for anyone who needs knowledgeable and professional attorneys to handle their case. We have a group of highly experienced lawyers who have been boating accident attorneys who’ve secured millions of dollars in compensation for the victims of injuries.

A Los Angeles boating accident lawyer at our law office will handle the insurance companies and adjusters on your behalf of you so that you can concentrate on recovering. While you heal your injury attorney will tirelessly seek the maximum amount of compensation for the maritime accident case.

Our lawyers have been able to negotiate significant agreements with insurers, usually surpassing the limits of insurance policies. The boat accident attorneys from Wilshire Law Firm will fight hard to defend your rights and assist you to obtain the most effective outcomes. We’ll be with you all the way, offering the attention and compassion the personal injury case requires.

What are the Major Reasons for boating accidents?

Below are the most frequent reasons for boating-related accidents according to U.S. Coast Guard:

  1. Operator’s inattention It’s crucial for boaters to remain attentive and always be aware of their boat location and speed. But even the most experienced captain can make mistakes in their judgment. Factors that could increase the risk of a boat accident include unintentional or unpredictable weather conditions and unnoticed objects floating in the sea (such as icebergs and floating debris. Boaters need to remain as alert as they can to stay away from dangers.
  2. Incorrect lookout Large vessels, sailboats, and yachts use cameras on the mast to accomplish the job of ensuring visibility to the surroundings of the boat. The cameras have to be regularly maintained and monitored to avoid collisions with boats or grounding.
  3. Unexperienced recreational boaters Anyone who operates a boat must be able to demonstrate the correct instruction. An accident could occur if someone who is not experienced when it comes to boating fails to follow the correct procedures.
  4. Extreme speed The most dangerous boating accidents happen at high speed. Similar to cars speed is an essential aspect to consider when it comes to safe boating, particularly in avoiding collisions with other boats or grounding.
  5. Impaired operation drinking during boating can be quite normal. Similar to driving in a car, it is recommended to always have an appointed Captain as well as a boat driver. Drinking or using drugs on boats is among the main reasons for boating accident deaths. In fact, in Sacramento California, it is legally drunk if your BAC is .08 percent or more. ( Boating Under the Under the Influence)
  6. Failure of equipment Avoid equipment failure by conducting regular checks for maintenance. This ensures optimal safety operation. Many sailors claim that this is the place where real boating occurs – while still on the docks. If your checklist isn’t completed while out at sea the possibility of disaster could be present. You must be sure to follow the checklist precisely so that you’re safe back to the docks at the end of each sailing experience.
  7. Violation of the rules of navigation There is a chance that you have heard the expression “There are no international laws.” However, there are a lot of maritime regulations that apply to all waters. If boat sailors and boat enthusiasts aren’t following these guidelines, they could be involved in a boat accident that results in catastrophic injuries.
  8. dangerous waters Captains who have experience can forecast conditions in the water at any time of the day, using modern instruments as well as their keen awareness of nature. But, the water’s conditions can change in just a few minutes and there is no way to be flawless. There is no guarantee that you will avoid dangers in the waters however, you can ensure that you are taking the appropriate safety precautions to prepare for the most dangerous conditions.
  9. Weather The weather patterns have become more predictable due to modern boating equipment and the advancement of technology. But, many accidents occur because of reckless boaters who do not pay attention to forecasts for the weather.
  10. Wakes or waves that are forceful Large waves or wakes caused by other vessels can be risky, especially when they are sudden. Commercial fishing boats that operate in open oceans are often faced with large waves while smaller boats should be aware of barges and other big wakes from ships.
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What kinds of boating accidents must be reported?

It could be a surprise to discover that not all boating accidents have to be reported. Under U.S. federal regulations, the boat operator is required to declare an accident in the following situations:

  • After the death of an individual
  • After an injury to a person that requires medical attention beyond the initial aid
  • The damage or damage to the boat or watercraft that is greater than $2,000

The boat operator must notify any of the following prompts as possible, and most likely in the area where the accident took place. After contacting emergency officials as well as medical personnel and then submitting your accident report, contact a Los Angeles boating accident attorney at Wilshire Law Firm to discuss your boat accident claim.

In reality, there were nearly 3000 boating accident injuries during 2016 in the United States, with 701 deaths:

Common Boat Accident Injuries

Aquatic sports accident victims are at risk of sustaining many serious injuries. Boating accident victims’ legs, heads, and arms are most susceptible to being injured during an accident.

Boat accidents may cause serious bodily injuries, such as:

We Los Angeles boating accident attorneys are experienced in handling cases that involve the most severe injuries So you can trust us to assist you with the personal injury claims you have.

The statistics for Boat Accident as well as Personal Watercraft Statistics

Boating is among the most enjoyable recreational activities. It’s also among the most profitable commercial sectors. With rentals, tourism private ownership, private boats, and commercial vessels constantly helping the economy, boating can provide everything.

Every day, people top up their tanks with gas and clean their decks and then go out on the water. In the majority of states, there are seasons for boating. In the case of Sacramento California, boating is available all year long on our beautiful Pacific Ocean or one of our stunning rivers and lakes.

However, with a huge amount of multi-seasonal boating, is a lot of shipping and boating accident deaths and accidents that happen more frequently than you imagine.

Each year every year, the U.S. Coast Guard compiles statistics on boating-related accidents. These statistics are compiled by boat owners and the operators of boats as well as watercraft vessels that are involved in accidents.

Here are a few of the most up-to-date Sacramento California boating accident figures:

  • In the year 2019, there were 324 reports of boat accidents.
  • The number of fatal accidents involving boats was 37 in 2019. deaths in the year 2019.
  • In the past two years, Sacramento California is the state that has had the highest number of boating-related accidents, just behind Florida.
  • In the year 2019, 130 people sustained non-fatal injuries as a result of a boat accident.
  • Californians were able to claim more than $7 million in total damage from boating-related accidents in 2019.

If you or anyone you know was injured during a boating accident that was caused by a third party’s negligence, whether it was due to one of these causes or any other cause is the best option to get in touch with a boat accident lawyer right away.

A seasoned attorney for boat accident attorney from Wilshire Law Firm can help you obtain maximum compensation in your case. Find out more about our top-rated Los Angeles boating accident law firm.

We hope that you don’t encounter a situation that requires representation in a boating accident If you are, we’re here to assist!

Who is Responsible for a Boating Incident?

The determination of liability following a recreational boating accident can be a challenging task. This is why it should be left to experts in maritime law and personal injury law.

Anyone who has been who lives in a lake or ocean or river that has been struck by a boat or jet ski or any other watercraft personal to them is likely to suffer pain and serious injuries that are difficult to deal with and warrant a visit to an expert and knowledgeable watercraft accident lawyer. A skilled watercraft accident attorney is not just going to determine who was responsible for the accident however, they will also gather all the evidence needed to prove the fault and ensure you the right compensation.

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One or more in the list below could be found to be liable in the event of a boat accident lawsuit:

  • Distracted or unattentive boat operators If boat operators fail to focus on what they’re doing, or do not comply with safety rules They expose themselves, passengers, and other boaters at risk. Inattention or distractions by boat operators could result in boat accidents that can result in serious injuries.
  • Alcoholic boats or vessel operators Like driving while impaired is illegal as is boating the under the influence. If a boat and ship owner operates under the influence, they may be held accountable for any injuries or accidents they cause.
  • Designer for boats – Boats are built to sail and come with distinct features based on the purpose of the boat. A flawed boat design could lead to an issue that could result in an accident.
  • Manufacturer of boats A boat might have components that are defective at any time in the manufacturing process, which results in a damaged vessel that is more likely to fail and result in an accident.
  • Captains of the boat attendants, boat captains, or any other staff members – If they’re not vigilant even a minor error made by a boat attendant could easily result in an accident. This could include mistakes in the way that the boat is operated, insufficient communication between passengers and crew members and passengers, inadequate maintenance of the areas onboard that result in risks, and much more.

Each accident is different and boating accidents aren’t any different. If you’ve suffered injuries in an accident on the water accident It is vital to be able to prove your injury case as with any other accident.

Evidence that is of high quality is essential for winning the boat accident case with a positive outcome. Take into consideration anyone who might be a witness in the future, for example, lifeguards or coast guard personnel who could have performed first aid, boaters, swimmers in the vicinity, and so on.

Indemnity for Boat Accidents that occur in Los Angeles Area Los Angeles Area

An experienced personal injury attorney will increase your chances of receiving complete compensation for your medical bills, loss of earnings as well as pain and suffering as well as other losses. In addition, they can help get medical treatment which could be difficult to access if you don’t have insurance coverage for medical or a physician who can operate on a lien basis.

We are Wilshire Law Firm Wilshire Law Firm, our boating accident lawyers will help you recover financial compensation and connect you to medical professionals who can treat you without cost upfront.

You or someone else you are aware has been wounded in an accident during a swim, engaging in water activities, and operating watercraft call the attorney with the Wilshire Law Firm for a no-cost appointment (844) 219 2105.

Which is the Very First thing you should do in the event of a boating accident?

After an accident immediately following an accident, an Los Angeles boating accident lawyer advises following the steps:

  • Get medical attention for yourself as well as others who require it. Make use of any first aid kits available, and wait for Coast Guard or other emergency responders to help you.
  • Do not jump on board to assist anyone else, unless you are required. Be sure to have a secure method of returning to your boat.
  • The report should be made about the accident as per federal guidelines. An accident report could help you later when you are involved in an injury lawsuit.
  • Do not admit to guilt or blame, as you may put yourself in danger of getting sued or being denied a claim for your injury.
  • Find out information about the boat accident as well as photographs, witness reports, contact details, and names of insurance companies. Record the place the location where the accident occurred, any visible injuries, as well as any property damage.


Do people often drown in incidents with boats?

The cause of boating deaths is 40 percent of deaths due to drowning. If you’ve got loved ones who have drowned in a boating accident or accident, you could be eligible for a wrongful-death lawsuit. In the alternative, if the boat accident resulted in injuries and not a fatality, that would cause a personal injury lawsuit.

What time after an accident must you start a lawsuit?

Under federal law, an action in civil court for damages for personal injuries or death that results from a boat accident is required to be filed within three years from the date on which the accident. But, depending on the location where the accident occurred, it might be necessary to rely on the state’s statute of limitation. In Sacramento California, the time limit for filing a claim is usually two years. There are a variety of factors that can affect the length of time one has to file a claim So, make sure you talk to an injury attorney to fully know the specifics of your specific case.

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How do I find out the laws on boating within Sacramento California?

Below are a few of Sacramento California’s rules for boating:

  • A boat operator must be at least 16 years old or older to operate a boat that is larger than 15 horsepower ( hp).
  • Power boaters who are younger than the age of 25 must take an approved safety course by the state.
  • The act of boating under the influence of alcohol is illegal according to Sacramento California law.
  • A boating accident should be reported to the authorities in certain conditions.

How far can a boat reach the shoreline in Sacramento California?

Under the State of California Division of Boating and Waterways Operational Law, anyone is not allowed to operate an unmanned vessel at a speed that exceeds five miles per hour within 100 feet. of an individual who is a surfer or swimmer or within 200 feet. on a shoreline used by swimmers.

Contact a Sacramento California Boat Accident Attorney

If a boat accident is triggered and you’re not the one to blame it is essential to find a top-rated Los Angeles boating accident attorney at your side. Contact an experienced personal injuries attorney by calling Wilshire Law Firm at (844) 219 2105 or completing this web-based form.

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