Akrapovic exhausts: a fusion of performance and design

Getting more power to the wheels and a faster car or bike starts with changes in airflow. How much air enters for combustion and how fast the exhaust gases leave the vehicle. The first is made with a more robust air intake and allows for a bigger bang. The second with an improved exhaust. The ultimate goal is to let the engine breathe.

Changes to the stock exhaust need to be felt, heard and seen to be appreciated. The engines will approve of the additional breathing room and will reward you in many ways. More speed, better looks and a harsh exhaust note. Achieving this in healthy doses is done with the best exhaust systems currently available – Akrapovic.

Why Akrapovic?

The brand has been synonymous with high-performance exhausts for over three decades. Founder Igor Akrapovic has turned his passion for tuning and racing into the world’s leading exhaust manufacturer. Just a few years in the business, Akrapovic sealed his first triumph with the 1997 Kawasaki WBSK team. Racing teams soon sold on the innovative designs, and just two years later, every Japanese team in the World Superbike Championship was using Akrapovic exhausts. Motorcycles are where the brand has hit hard, and 17 of the 22 bikes in the 2021 MotoGP Series have used its services.

Success flowed from two wheels to four. The 2004 F1 Honda Bar team (2nd in the constructor rankings) helped the company expand its lineup. Similar feats have been achieved in the German DTM Series, with Audi Sport and BMW MotorSport the proud bearers of the Akrapovic scorpion logo. The number of world titles in various racing competitions exceeds 140 to date.

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Buyers are treated with a variety of systems, from the Akrapovic slip on exhaust line up to the complete Evolution line in various categories of cars and motorcycles. Each exhaust is tailored to the specific parameters of the bike or car to bring the maximum in terms of absolute performance gains and a richer, fuller vibrating sound.

Slip On vs Full Exhausts

Slip-ons are what Akrapovic made their name for, and they first appeared on bicycles. Systems today focus on lighter, more durable materials and designs, intended to extract more power and torque at rated rpm ranges. Bikes can also benefit from modified headers, in what Akrapovic calls the Racing Line. All bicycle, road, off-road and scooter categories are catered for and have European ECE approvals.

For cars, there is more variety in terms of designs. Here, an Akrapovic slip on exhaust equates to traditional axle and/or cat-back configurations, but differs considerably in tube layout and shape. Torque and bhp gains vary between vehicles. For example, a sliding exhaust for a tuning favorite, the VW Golf GTi VII adds 3kw of power and 7.2Nm of torque to the original exhaust, while the use of titanium alloys in the piping and carbon fiber in the exhausts eliminates 3 kilos of total weight. Additions like carbon fiber diffusers reduce weight, increase downforce and complete the aggressive look.

Slip-ons are the basis for other under-the-hood modifications. Akrapovic, however, has full Evolution exhausts, complete with redesigned heads and exhaust manifold downpipes, reconfigured midsections (often in X designs with resonators included) or Evolution link tubesets and dual muffler configurations for most vehicles. .

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Once again, the use of lighter titanium substantially reduces weight (over 10 kilos on the Evolution Line exhaust for the BMW M5 F10), while increasing torque and power over the original exhaust (10 hp and 17 Nm of traction power in the same car). ) are hard numbers to ignore. What also changes is the sound profile of the exhaust, in line with the vehicle’s valve electronics, seeking more depth and resonance.

Materials and Production Processes

Akrapovic rose to fame with unconventional designs (the hex bike muffler) and the use of ultralight and durable materials designed for the specific engine. Although for most manufacturers stainless steel is the pinnacle of exhaust strength, this is only true in smaller parts. Instead, heat-resistant titanium alloys, three times stronger than steel, are used in all critical parts (outer and inner sleeves), along with nickel-based superalloys such as Inconel for better heat management. . Weight is further reduced with the use of ultra-strong impregnated carbon fiber. Low cost steel exhausts are still a cut above rivals as only high quality austenitic stainless steel with superior corrosion and heat resistance is used.

Exhaust parts are formed using the latest in high-tech manufacturing processes. The downtubes, for example, are hydroformed (with water jets under extreme pressure) to ensure tight tolerances and optimal airflow. All materials are tested for hardness and defect checks before separate parts are machined, bent, formed, welded or cast.

There is also unrivaled attention to detail. Exhausts are first designed using 3D CAD mapping of each car’s undercarriage. All parts are optically measured to ensure shapes and contours align with predetermined, calculated performance gains and sound profiles. The carbon fiber is hand assembled to the highest standards. Each part is then signed by the official.

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akrapovic slip on exhaust

What to expect?

Akrapovic exhausts have no peers. If you want the best exhaust, this is it. Period. Nothing else works, looks or sounds better. And years of continual improvements have brought the brand to where it is today.

Early examples revolutionized motorcycle exhaust designs and attracted a devoted following in the racing community, as well as countless competition knockoffs. But few companies are rivaled by sheer engineering prowess. Even racing teams with multi-million pound budgets lack the knowledge, experience and, above all, passion that Akrapovic has put into each product.

This brings us to the performance side. The company was born from the racetrack. And every exhaust, slippery or full, strives to get the best the engine has to offer. He goes above and beyond to wring every watt and joule into the optimized design for each specific vehicle.

There is no generalization here, no one size fits all, but careful consideration for even the most minute details. A bespoke exhaust system for your motorcycle or car, offering the ultimate in performance figures, made from the strongest, lightest materials and with an instantly recognizable exhaust note.

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